Top 10 Lion Bracelets

TOP10 Lion Bracelets -

Top 10 Lion Bracelets

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Being mens, we have a lot to think about when it comes to our daily attire. Whether we're dressing to impress, going out with friends or meeting parents-in-law for the first time... We need to make the best possible impression ; and that means our to get the perfect outfit, accessories and style. However, if you know how to use small, subtle accessories to your advantage, it becomes much easier to create the perfect wardrobe.

There are a million different ways to vary your outfit, one of the most overlooked and underestimated variations of this equation is bracelets. No, we're not talking about watches, we're aiming for something a little more discreet. Something that can assert itself, but that can support who you are. We're talking about lion bracelets. That's right - bracelets are one of the most important aspects of a well-balanced wardrobe, and today we're going to dive headfirst into a list of our favourites ones, lion bracelets are the best !

10) Lion Triple Gold Head Bracelet.

Triple lion head bracelet.

Formidable lion triple gold head bracelet offering elegance and prosperity. This bracelet will delight all the tamers of the carnivorous lion. Three lion heads on leather bracelet for a glorified style. This lion bracelet is also available in silver color. This is a simplistic bracelet that has been cut at an angle and braided on an Italian machine in India, offering the perfect balance between a smooth construction and the protruding lion heads. This way, you no longer have to worry about unwarranted wrist irritation after a long day of wearing, but you can concentrate on creating the best possible fit with this unique accessory.

9) Leather Lion Bracelet Gold.

Leather lion bracelet.

Prestigious leather lion bracelet gold. Made with thin strips of Leather, this anchor lion head bracelet will thrill its owner ! Gold lion's head and its black leather bracelet for a notable comfort. This lion bracelet is filled with nautical inspiration, and thanks to its unique details, it is a definite addition to any sea-lover's outfit. It may sound a little strange, but a true sea lover will appreciate the attention to details. The foot of the anchor blends with the leather bands to complete this men's bracelet in a beautiful way.

8) Lion Head Bracelet Indian.

Indian lion bracelet.

Superb lion head bracelet Indian fighting for the divine ring. Give yourself an absolute style and very identity of what the lion represents. This chain adorned with two Indian lion heads is very appreciated by the followers of the tawny. This men's bracelet is a unique version of this timeless accessory, with two heads facing each other biting the central ring. Not only does this give the jewellery a look all its own, but it also brings an interesting personality that is halfway between classic urban style and fashion depth.

7) Black Bead Bracelet with Lion Head.

Bead lion bracelet.

A must have when it comes to lion jewelry. Black bead bracelet with lion head for an elegant and refined style. Bracelet for men and women ! This bracelet is a modern variant which does not lack style. Of course, it can look like a classic pearl accessory, but thanks to its raised and lined style, its face to face crowns and its gold-coloured lion head, it offers a very nice jewel to highlight on the wrist. Even better, a specialized black rhodium-plated finish gives the bracelet a luxurious charisma, making it a viable candidate for high-end outfits.

6) Lion Gold Bracelet Savage.

Gold lion bracelet.

Magnificent lion gold bracelet savage bringing richness and complexity to its owner. The gold color at work for the style, the lion in the center for the charisma and aggressiveness. Steel jewel for men of character. The brave gold fawn jewel makes its appearance in sixth position on our list ! It is attractive and transcends the realm of traditional bracelets. With its simple clip closure it offers its owner an elegant accessory that is equally attractive in terms of moral direction and character thanks to its beautiful roaring lion's head.

5) Black Lion Bracelet Twins.

Black lion bracelet.

Superb black lion bracelet twins. We find two lion heads fighting for the coveted ring. The heads slide around the ring for an optimal comfort. Jewel for men of character. This Lion Republic® bracelet is an impressive variation of the twins' collection ! Collection that has been flooded with incredible quality stainless steel. It features the coveted black colour so much in demand in the fashion world. Accented with a multitude of individually designed, customised connecting elements, making each bracelet a unique experience. The eccentric look of lion heads is not for everyone. But for those who have the courage to wear this interesting accessory, it has become the favourite of many of our fans !

4) Lion Bead Bracelet Brown Double Crowns.

Bead lion bracelet.

To all mens looking for a great style, this lion bead bracelet has been made for you ! Jewel for men and women of character. Thanks to the flexibility of the beads the entire bracelet is made with, it is extremely comfortable to wear. It's the perfect accessory for any man trying to take his wardrobe to the next level.

3) Double Lion Head Bracelet Gold.

Double lion bracelet.

Who would scare a lion ? Two roaring lions ! Magnificent double lion head bracelet gold. We like the aggressive but always sober and elegant side of the lion heads bracelet. Wear this men's jewel and reign on your empire with ease. The bracelet is a valuable addition to any man's wardrobe, offering a premium leather construction that has helped make the exceptionally crafted belt brands so popular. This model is the perfect minimalist accessory to compliment any incomplete outfit, providing wearers with an elegant and discreet accent that is sure to attract a compliment or two !

2) Little Lion Bracelet Chain.

Little lion bracelet.

Prestigious little lion bracelet chain offering a unique and very distinctive jewel for men. This lion head is an evidence for all the admirers of the wild beast. Steel jewelry for men of character. This stainless steel bracelet may seem a simplistic variant at first glance, but a closer look will give you the opportunity to appreciate its interesting construction. It is made of a steel cast in the mass, offering its owner an elegant variant with a safety clasp to use with a different variety outfits ! The silver colour is extremely easy to dress up with. You will never leave it !

1) Lion Bracelet Twins.

Lion bracelet twins.

Splendid lion bracelet twins. Absolutely timeless jewel ! With it's sumptuous design, it will delight all the greatest lovers of the animal with golden mane. We like the aggressive side of the lions which comes to accompany the very classy and luxurious spirit jewel for men. This Lion Republic bracelet bears witness to a sumptuous design, offering those who wear it an accessory that is as elegant as possible, focused on details. It is made from Italian-sourced stainless steel and attaches around the wrist with a polished ring that perfectly enhances the silhouette of the jewel... To make the jewel even more attractive, the lion heads bite the ring so that they don't let go, but slide perfectly around it for the comfort of its lion trainer !

Ben - Lion Republic writer.

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