Lion Hoodies - How to choose yours :

Lion Hoodies : How to choose yours ? -

Lion Hoodies - How to choose yours :

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The Lion Hoodie is a comfortable garment that allows you to display an outfit that is as neat as it is casual. Whichever model you choose, the simplicity of its lines is suitable for many everyday activities, such as playing sports or going out on the town. It is important to choose a lion sweatshirt with a soft and robust fabric quality. Tightly woven knits ensure that it will hold up well over time, even after multiple machine washes. It has excellent warmth keeping properties. It can therefore be used instead of a jacket or sweater.

How to wear a Lion Hoodie ?

We're going to look at a piece that we don't talk about very much after all : the hoodie. "Only for jogging !", "I only wear it on Sundays, to be reserved for afternoons on the sofa.", "It looks a bit rascal, though."  There are many prejudices about this garment but, as with all the "ungrateful" pieces in our dressing room, it was only a matter of time before it revealed its potential  👔.

Mens wearing lion hoodies.

Mens wearing lion hoodies.

It's often the same story : luxury brands take it over, making the hoodie an ultra profitable piece but contributing to democratize it. Smaller designers have also got into it : the hoodies are intended to be more elaborate and more versatile too. It's far from being the only Champion model, and that's good, there's something for everyone.

So, how do you choose your lion sweatshirt ? What are the criteria to observe ? What's more, how do you avoid looking like a retarded teenager when you put it on ?

Who can wear a Lion Hoodie ?

Let's start by breaking a stubborn cliché : there's no age limit for wearing a lion hoodie. Really, I insist on it. For a mature man, it's mainly a question of choosing the good model : it will convey a certain sophistication, despite the simplicity of the sweat.

Lion sweatshirts.

How to choose your Lion Hoodie ?

You literally can't cheat with a lion hoodie. It's a piece that still suffers from preconceptions : choose one of approximate quality and you risk sending back the wrong image. A good lion hoodie starts with good cotton. That is the reason we only use organic one for our models. Look for materials denser than average, slightly compact : they will hold better over time and the fall will be prettier.

Turn the piece over and look at the loops in the fleece, it's a very good indicator. A priori, the more regular they are, the more carefully they are made. Finally, look at the finishing touches : ribbed edges, seams, pockets...

The good cut of a Lion Hoodie.

Opinions are divided on this. For some, a lion sweatshirt should be worn fitted. It's a way to break its sometimes "neglected" side ; a well-fitted cut offering a cleaner look. Personally, I like my lion hoodies to have a comfortable fit. Certainly fitted but not tight, I want it to be relaxing. In any case, avoid oversized cuts and oversized models, at least initially. Although they can be of real interest in a streetwear look, it's best to master the hoodie before trying them on.

Women wearing lion hoodies.

Let's talk about Lion Sweatshirts colors !

No surprise : black, white, grey, and burgundy remain the simplest colours to start with. They will go just as well with raw jeans, as with a burgundy chino or beige flannel pants. If you want to avoid the sportswear dimension (to a certain extent, of course), I advise you to avoid white cords on the hood. Instead, look for tone-on-tone finishes. It's also a chance to try new things, why not a khaki hoodie ? It would be a good way to bring originality without being difficult to wear.

With or without zip ?

Hoodie "one piece" or zipped ? It's a real question of taste for the blow. If I had to think in terms of versatility, I would direct you more towards the zipped model : you'll be freer to do layering looks 👕. You can imagine it worn over a thin lion sweater, a shirt or, more naturally, a T-shirt. It is also an opportunity to play with colours. A classic model (without zip) will offer a more marked sportswear/streetwear look, especially if it has a kangaroo pocket. This one proves to be very practical! It's not less interesting, just less versatile.

How to wear a Lion Hoodie ?

There's a lot of interest in wearing a hoodie. First of all, it's a piece that was originally designed for sports : you'll hardly find it more comfortable, which makes it perfect for relaxing moments. It would be a shame to deprive yourself of it. So it's a good way to bring relaxation. Just pay attention to the total look, which is too often a "pain in the ass".

Colorful Lion Hoodie.

Colorful lion hoodies.

Wearing a colorful lion hoodie in a look with formal inspirations brings a form of the unexpected, creating a strong contrast with the shirt. On such strong contrasts, it is better to remain sober on the colours. As always, the red/black combination is infallible.

On the same model, we can even imagine the lion hoodie taking the place of the blazer in a chic casual outfit : formal shirt and small fine knit + jeans or chino + lion hoodie. The influences change completely but the whole remains coherent. Colors Lion Hoodie : we're back to a blue/white association. Once again, given the stylistic contrast brought, it is important to have a balance in terms of colors.

Some people go further by wearing their lion hoodie with a blazer. In my opinion, the contrast goes too far in this case. With a shirt yes, but certainly not with a jacket. There will be too much information, we won't know where to look first.

Lion Hoodie Mens.

You can play on a hoodie/flannel trousers combo, which you will complete with a small pair of white sneakers to echo the origins of the piece. The contrast between the sweater and the flannel pants is there. Yet the outfit is balanced : the two pieces belong to the same monochrome and respond to each other, as do their soft textures.

To give a smarter dimension, the use of a stylish coat is ideal. It structures the silhouette, breaks up the loose side of the sweater and creates interesting volumes.

Black Lion Hoodie.

The Lion Hoodie in streetwear looks.

Obviously, lion sweatshirts - all categories included - are inseparable from this style. Today, a trend is emerging within the street spheres : wearing your oversized hoodie, in layering over a longer tee-shirt that you let out. The whole thing is then structured by a denim jacket or a bomber, often complemented by jeans or a cargo liner.

Sportswear without looking like you're coming from the gym.

One of the associations one could spontaneously make is lion hoodie/sweatpant. If you like these influences, why not ! In this case, just make sure that both pieces have a good fit, especially the pants that need to be adjusted.

Wearing a Black Lion Hoodie.

In the dark movement, hoodie is very present. At the same time, its hoodie is not without reminding some influences of this style, like ecclesiastical capes for example. Mainly in full black outfits, it will be a question of playing on volumes and textures, but also on layering and cuts. In short, far from being easy to master, it's worth a look.

Our Collection of Lion Hoodies.

Lion Hoodies collection.

Very last word :

The lion hoodie has come a long way since the time when it was confined to stadiums and athletic tracks. We see more and more top-of-the-range lion hoodies blooming, with careful manufacturing and sophisticated materials. A very comfortable piece, it can be worn at any age and will adapt to many styles, from classic to dark.

Ben - Lion Republic writer.

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