Are you a dolphin? A bear? A lion? Or a wolf? Find out what time you get up, make love and get creative.

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Are you a dolphin? A bear? A lion? Or a wolf? Find out what time you get up, make love and get creative.

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Have you ever wondered why you are forced to work from 9am to 6pm when you feel your best at another time of the day? You're probably not the only one. It has long been thought that there are two types of people: the "early risers" and the "late risers". But it seems that reality is a little more complicated than that. According to Michael Breus, there are four types of chronobiological profiles.

What are Chronobiological Profiles?

We're talking about the "tuning" of your internal clock here. And that internal clock dictates a lot more than when you're tired or what time you get up. It affects when you need to eat, when you need to be active, and much more.

Lion Dolphin Bear and Wolf.

Michael Breus is an expert on sleep and his book "When" is likely to disrupt the schedule of our previously busy lives. His book does not try to make us think about how to live our lives, but when. According to him, we are divided into four main profiles:

Bears (50% of the population).

Personality: cautious, outgoing, open-minded and friendly.
Behaviour: avoids conflict, tries to be healthy, values happiness, seeks novelty, takes comfort in the familiar.
Sleep/day: Wakes up slowly after turning off the alarm. Feels tired in the middle of the evening, and sleeps soundly, but not as long as they would like. They are most awake from mid-morning to mid-afternoon. Most productive just before noon.

Wolfs (15% to 20% of the population).

Personality: impulsive, pessimistic, creative, temperamental.
Behaviour: likes to take risks, puts pleasure first, reacts with a lot of emotions.
Sleep/day: getting up before noon is very difficult, and they are not tired until midnight. The most awake at 7pm, and the most productive in the late morning and late evening.

Lions (10% to 20%).

Personality: conscientious, stable, optimistic.
Behaviour: Successfully and brilliantly, prioritizes health and sport, seeks positive interactions.
Sleep/day: gets up early, tired in the late afternoon, falls asleep easily. Feels most awake at noon, and is productive in the morning.

Dolphin (10%).

Personality: cautious, introverted, intelligent
Behaviour: avoids risky situations, perfectionist, focused on details
Sleep/day: does not wake up refreshed, and remains tired until late afternoon. More productive during the night, and in fits and starts during the day.

Each profile is particularly suited to a different schedule, and the book reveals them in detail (see below). It's all about when to make important decisions, when to have sex, when to drink your coffee, when to go to the gym or when to book creative activities.

Wolf Lion Bear and Dolphin.

I found the book really fascinating. My result is Bear, and as I read it I felt that this profile was the closest to my personal experience. I have made a few changes, especially at the office where I am more attentive to the times when I schedule certain meetings. Some friends who had a more atypical profile, on the other hand, found the book really fascinating and used it to change their routine.

Michael Breus recommends taking 7 to 10 days before seeing any real changes, and that changing all your habits at once may be a bad idea. He recommends (I think he's right) making changes in stages.

But in fact, arriving at work at 9am doesn't make sense?

Beyond the personal aspect, this book really makes you think about our organization as a society: why do we all have to arrive at work at 9am when clearly some people should arrive before? Or after?

Of course it is useful to share a few hours in common to be able to move forward on group projects. But wouldn't we be much more efficient if we could work when we are at our peak productivity? According to Michael Breus, some companies that have applied his concepts have seen an impressive increase in productivity, as well as an increase in employee morale 📚

Maybe it's time to have a discussion with your boss on the subject?

OK, thanks for the information - but what's MY profile?

I can already hear your questions: what is my profile and what is the associated schedule? Only thing I can say : read the book which is really exciting.

But let me help you tho! Here is a list of the four profiles, and the ideal day's schedule for each, according to Dr. Breus.

Dolphin 🐬

6am: Wake up and physical exercises.

12pm: Lunch.

4 to 6:30pm: Fitness peak.

7:30pm: Dinner. It's time for carbohydrates (think pasta dish) "Your serotonin will increase and your cortisol will decrease, allowing your hyperactive body and mind to calm down", writes the author.

8:30pm: Making love, just to relax..

11:30pm: Sleep. To avoid anxiety, the doctor invites the Dolphins to do relaxation exercises.

Lion 🦁

5:30am: Wake up. Avoid sport. Have a good breakfast with large glasses of water.

7am: Make love. As testosterone is at most two hours after waking up, this is the best time!

9am: Snack.

12pm: Lunch.

6pm: Exercise.

7pm: Dinner.

10:30pm: Sleep.

Bear 🐻

7am: Wake up... and sex. Breakfast, high in protein and low in sugar.

10am to noon: Peak productivity.

12pm: Lunch.

2:30pm: Siesta... (no more than 20 minutes).

6:30pm: Sport.

7:30pm: Light dinner.

11pm: Sleep.

Wolf 🐺

7am: First wake-up call, but to move back if possible.

8am: Protein breakfast, without coffee.

11am: Coffee break (without sugar if possible).

1pm: Lunch.

2 to 4pm: Peak productivity.

6:30pm: Sport.

8:30pm : Dinner rich in carbohydrates.

9:30pm : Making love.

Midnight: Sleep.

Dolphin, lion, wolf, bear.

Well, I hope you found this review useful, and that you now know your profile. Which one did you come across? Post a comment to share your experiences and ideas on the subject.

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