Characters of Leo Signs - Women and Men

Characters of Leo -

Characters of Leo Signs - Women and Men

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Character of Leo Women.

The Leo woman is dazzling and has a little star quality. She fascinates with a unique and distinguished look. She could have been an actress, a singer or a singer, all of which could have been on stage, under the spotlight. She is not afraid to stand out : in general her extravagance charms even if her attitude, sometimes theatrical, can sometimes tire out those closest to her. The Leo woman ♌️does not tolerate criticism and can be proud. She seeks recognition and praise, which pushes her to surpass herself and be the best. She is attracted by beauty, follows fashion closely and likes to show off. The Leo woman is generous, and always seeks to please the people she loves. Unlike to what you could think at first glance, she has a great sense of morality and knows what is right and good. She is not very attached to traditions and likes to build her own laws, her own logic, beyond prejudices or values pre-established by society. The spirit of independence of the Leo woman is very developed 🦁

The Leo Women's relations with Men.

The Leo woman probably has many mens running after her, but is often only interested in those who don't turn around ! She would undoubtedly feel smothered by a lover who is too demonstrative, and therefore seeks an independent and above all not too sensitive man. However, he has to know how to admire her because she needs to be looked at to feel alive. The trick is to find the balance and to dose the compliments. The lover of the Leo woman should not be too jealous or possessive, otherwise he may be unhappy, because the native is not the type to be locked up. She has a rather modern vision of the couple, she creates her own rules and looks for an indulgent man, able to understand them. The Leo woman ♌️also has a sense of family and unity. Sentimental and friendly bonds are important to her, even if she does not necessarily try to build them on a daily basis, she can be much more maternal than it seems.

Character of Leo Men.

The Leo man is a king : he knows how to combine charm and power. On the other hand, he is not a fine psychologist and sometimes has difficulty understanding human reactions, mainly feminine. He is endowed with natural authority and manages to lead his troops without being too tyrannical, unlike his friend, the Aries man. The Leo man ♌️is also a great dreamer and idealist who wishes to accomplish great things to make the world a better place. He has a good opinion of himself and can be slightly proud in the face of criticism. But he is also courageous and honest, he respects the weakest and does not hesitate to defend them. He likes personalities without flaws or vices, and cannot stand petty politics. He can also be quite shy, contrary to what his shell of self-confidence.

The Leo Men's relations with Women.

The Leo man doesn't always see what's going on under his nose. If a woman tries to charm him, it is better that she does not take too many gloves and that she is not shy. Once his attention is captured, the native can be very romantic and affectionate. But one should not be too jealous with a Leo man, he likes to please and charm. However, he has values and his need for recognition and attention stops if he realises that he might hurt his lover ♌️. The Leo man is actually quite romantic, he is looking for the perfect woman, the one of his dreams and may even be very possessive when he finds her. His sensitive side will only come out when he feels really comfortable with a woman. The native is rather clichéd in his tastes, he likes simple but positive personalities, beautiful women without nastiness. He is not very communicative, so his better half will have to be able to read his thoughts if she wants to understand him. He is the type to think that a sincere gesture is much better than a long discussion...

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